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Decontaminate and Decommission
Friday, April 7, 2017

Demolition is never simple, regardless of the type of structure.  But for chemical facilities, power plants, and a variety of other facilities, demolition is especially complex.  While a homeowner may have to worry about asbestos, sites with contaminants have a wide array of threats that have to be accounted for before demolition begins.


 The structures most impacted include:


·      Waste containment facilities

·      Power Plants

·      Industrial manufacturing plants

·      Refineries

·      Military Facilities

·      Chemical manufacturing or distribution facilities


It is vital that only an experienced demolition company handle projects of this nature.  There are many factors that impact the best course of action, as well as several steps to take after the demolition is complete. 


Battle Axe Construction is a veteran in demolition, decontamination, and decommissioning of such facilities.  We understand the delicate nature of projects involving sensitive materials or hazardous waste.  Our process accounts for as many variables as possible including:


·      Structure condition

·      Modifications to the structure

·      Known or unknown materials within the structure

·      Hazards created by demolition


In addition to complying with local regulations, we adhere to our own strict safety procedures to ensure that each project is safe for our employees and anyone impacted at the site. 


If your organization is looking for a reputable company to handle a complex project, look no further than Battle Axe Construction.


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